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Hotel Apartment Management

Following characteristics of a tourism city and its advantages on real estate development, the Group is actively catering to the country’s industry policy of ‘accommodation of houses’ and is making great endeavors in such sectors as apartment hotels and long-leased apartments. The business panel of hotel operation and management is derived from real estate development. It has over 1500 rooms for its fancy hotels, theme art hotels and hotel apartments that go with theme dining, business walk street and five-star art hall. Aiming to be built into a platform-based and one-stop residential apartment, it has become one of the emerging leading companies in the industry. 
The Free Bay pays particular attention to artistic taste of interior spatial designing and quality of construction so that all guests checking in the hotel could feel the difference in its taste and level. 
Its 2000 square meters of fancily-decorated art lobby with virtual impacts are magnificent. It is the best proof for its high quality and artistry. 

Freeport Hotel

Let every guest who enters the hotel experience different tastes and grades from the first moment.