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Zhonglian U Valley·2.5 Industry Park
Smart Manufacturing Factory, Company Community

Zhonglian U ·Valley 2.5 Industry Park is a new park with the concept of new industries after innovative remolding on two factories namely Qingdao Yuantong Electronics Factory and Qingdao Display Tube Factory, both then state-run companies.

The original buildings of the old factories were built in the 1970s and 1980s. After meticulous and innovative remolding, government in Shibei District conducted synthetic redressing on the surrounding environment of the Park. The whole area has become featured cluster of buildings bristled with cultural sentiments. A high-end platform for service industry has taken form.

  • Garden-style office space
    Zhonglian U-Valley 2.5 Industry park is built on the basis of Qingdao Yuantong Electronics Factory and Qingdao Display Tube Factory, two bankrupted state-run companies. On ground that the original buildings are preserved, it is built with innovative remolding of the park after dismantling, expanding and rebuilding. As the first innovative model park in Qingdao, its terrace-like scenes and buildings with cultural tastes are built into unique garden-like featured office parks. By combining with surrounding tourism resources, it is built into a landmark landscape with distinct and individualistic humanistic buildings.
  • Smart Office Space
    Zhonglian U-valley 2.5 Industry Park contains diversified forms of buildings. With unique and reasonable designing, it helps companies bid farewell to narrow office space. With simple and fashionable decoration and a completed offering of network wire and power outlet, it offers a place to be settled after companies install office furniture, computers and production facilities. Companies that get settled in are concentrated in business forms with scaled industrial clusters taking form. Many buildings in the Yard are under unified management and operation of building units. With humanized management, it is built into a harmonious and vigorous park for the service industry.
    It has completed logistics guarantee covering hygiene, public security and forestation. With corresponding parking lots installed, it could dispel customers’ worries on parking. At the same time, it is installed with several elevators for passengers and goods to satisfy demands on lift of passengers and cargoes. With a completed gamut of business hotel, featured dining, coffee bar, health pharmacy, round-the-clock convenience store and ATM, it can better satisfy requirements on work and living by high-quality clusters.
With Julin at its back, it is a tranquil place in the hustle of the city
Zhonglin U Valley 2.5 Industry Park is located in Taidong Business Circle with Mountain Julin Park at its back. It is a tranquil place in the hustle of the city. With several public bus lines covering Taidong, Biaoshan Road, Yan’an Road, North Station of Yan’an Road, Northern Gateway of the Zoo, Second Yan’sn Road, Zhiquan Road, No.19 Middle School, Taidong (wedding street), Taidong First Road, Julin Park, South Station of Yan’an Road and so forth in its ambience, it is convenient in traffic.
Honors it acquires
State-level incubator for science and technology company
Provincial key service industry park in Shandong
Model base for cultural industry in Shandong
Top 10 Parks for Cultural and Innovative Industry in Qingdao
Professional social public service platform for small- and medium-sized enterprises based in Qingdao
Municipal incubator for science and technology enterprises
Advanced group for informationization in Qingdao
Business startup in northern corner of the city for people with overseas academic background in Qingdao
Zhonglin U Valley 2.5 Industry Park: No.12, No.16, Shangqing Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City
Phone number: 0532-83641669/0532-83641669

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