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Group Introduction

With real estate development as its main business, Qingdao Zhonglian Jianye Group is a comprehensive corporate group aggregating business operation, sports health, operation and management of hotel apartment, property management, investment and a variety of industries.

Its real estate development projects are spreading to all over Qingdao and show potent compound real estate development competence. It has accumulatively developed multiple business forms tallying over 2 million square meters covering villas, high-rise towers, offices, business, featured innovative parks, synthesis for city buildings and so forth. Many of its projects have won honors at the state, provincial and municipal level. It owns large scales of land reserve in each district of Qingdao that store potentials to development of the goup.

Its sector of business operation runs over 700,000 square meters of business projects and innovative industrial parks owned exclusively by the Group. ‘Zhonglian Innovative Square’ is the highland for cultural innovative industry in Qingdao. ‘Zhonglian U-valley 2.5 Industry Park’, the first high-end innovative park for modern service industry, aggregates hundreds of start-up and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises to get settled in. ‘Free Bay’, a new economic highland congregating block chain center, college wisdom and innovative clusters, base for technological and financial incubation and other topics, has become a key project promoted by the municipal and district governments.

With Zhonglian Sports Park as the carrier, its sports health industry upgrades the ‘5+1’ 3.0 model and attempts to roundly build a comprehensive sport service platform for professional gyms, all sorts of training, business teams, professional races and large-scaled entertainment activities with an aim at growing into the leader of sports health industry in Shandong and the flagship for sports health industry in China.

company culture
Development concept of the company: (two adherences)
Team Concept (three temperaments)
Definition of talents(four understandings)
Company management awareness(five awareness)
Core value concepts(six key words)

Development concept of the company: (two adherences)

Success and speedy growth of our core business lies on our development strategy on ‘two adherences’. 
We adhere to the innovative, featured and flexible compound real estate development, put product research and development and cost controlling as core competitiveness for business development, pay attention to particularities, root for craftsmanship, and go after the high standard of ‘accomplishing homeland with science and building the city with quality’. 
We adhere to putting profits and assets as the orientation, and housing and land as the main line. We apply to controlling of pace and do business by catering to the situation. 

Team Concept (three temperaments)

To make a vibrant, progressive and virtuous team. 
Vibrant: People in Zhonglian are required to have sound physique, high spirits, passionate ambition and staunch faith. All people should be sanguine and vibrant. 
Progressive: Our team is progressive and never yields to difficulties. With shared mind, we are a unity. A treasured sword is soundly polished and fragrance of plum blossom hails from freezing winter. We aim at making an acute team and we recommend the spirits of making struggles.  
Virtuous: We root for inclusiveness and tolerance and we have a noble spirit. We would promulgate grace, let go of shame, aggregate people’s mind, boost the realm, invigorate the vim and form a development atmosphere of being equal and making struggles. 

Definition of talents(four understandings)

Its definition of talents: four understandings 
Listen well: to comprehend leaders’ ideology, communication with co-workers and expression of clients; 
Think well: to comprehend work procedure, methods of doing business and demands from clients; 
Speak well: to comprehend your own idea, follow-up agenda and analysis of work; 
Do well: to comprehend performance of obligations, results of doing business and work significance 

Company management awareness(five awareness)

Management awareness is that managers can consciously use ideology and principle of scientific management to get to know, analyze and work out managerial issues. It is a wisdom formed in the long-term management process. Five management awareness in Zhonglian hails from its years-long management practice. It displays a guidance role on the practice of management. 
Awareness of rules: We should clarify the company’s behavioral rules. The management staffs would set a good model. They should improve their ideological knowledge, enhance the awareness of abiding by discipline and rooting for disciplines, take initiatives to do work, recommend practical work style, sort things out in sequence of priority in a meticulous way, and perform things after they think them over. 
Awareness of baseline: Baseline is the border to tell the qualitative change of things and a warning line to be a man and to do business. It can’t be transgressed or stamped. Legal baseline, policy baseline and morality baseline can’t be touched. We should forever have a sense of awe and loyalty, master our role and responsibility, get to know our responsibilities and make sure that our work is properly done. Interests of the company and the team are the red line that have a veto right. 
Awareness of taking initiative: Opportunities are always open to those who are prepared. By taking initiatives to make progress, engage in training and provide services, we can firmly take the opportunities when they are posed to us. We should conquer our laziness, take initiatives to launch an attack, and reject gains without pains. We should work things out by doing.    
Awareness of learning: The learning initiative is the explorer of truth and knowledge. We should forever maintain desires to seek for knowledge and make explorations, and establish a normalized training system so that each progressive staff can have the opportunity to make progress. 
Awareness of taking responsibilities: It is a spiritual state, a responsible awareness and an outstanding trait. Leaders should take responsibilities for staffs and departments should claim responsibilities for each other. By taking responsibilities, we can propel innovation and development. 

Core value concepts(six key words)

Six value concepts of Zhonglian Jianye display a major role on how we run our business, recruit talents, appraise staffs and decide distribution of salaries among staffs. The six value concepts are innovation, progress, collaboration, openness, responsibility and passion 
Innovation: Greet the changes and being bold to make innovation
Innovation is the soul for national progress, unremitting impetus for a vigorous country and basis for company advancement. We should be brave enough to unshackle the convention, go after excellence and put innovation as the impetus for invigorating the country in an effort to continuously create new marketing and business models. 
Progression: Make progress and make struggles 
Those who achieved success in ancient times were either talented or having fortitude. Mindset decides all. Work calls for passion and action, and spirits to take the initiatives. We should treat our work in a positive mindset. We should have requirements on both ourselves and our work. We should have a sanguine and active mindset. Work mindset that proves difficult to be changed is the most prime major attribute to weigh an outstanding staff. It is what a company cares about the most.  
Collaboration: Droplets of water do not form an ocean, and a single tree does not form a forest. 
Wealth can come from soil with a united mind. Unity is collaboration and strength. We should have cooperative awareness when doing things. During cooperation, we should show tolerance and forgiveness. Collaboration leads to joint progress and joint improvement. We should show respect to labor of each individual and work together as a team. 
Openness: The great ocean embraces all. 
A progressive system is open. Openness signifies tolerance and acceptance. We should take in and accept all civilized results with an open mind and dedicate our outstanding results with an extensive mind. 
Responsibility: Being courageous to take responsibilities.
We can grow up by taking responsibilities and edge forward by performing our responsibilities. We should have a sense of responsibility and can perform such responsibility in the critical moment. It is what is required to be a man. Suffering losses and disregarding gains or loss would finally pay back. No one can succeed easily. People who can achieve success must have valuable traits.  
Passion: Be upbeat and never surrender
Work is reflection of an individual’s life worth and is the best way to serve the society with your wisdom and energy. So wherever you are and whatever you do, inject all your passions and work with all our endeavors. Your dreams will eventually come true. 

Corporate honor

With assiduous entrepreneurship and endeavors and under vigorous backup of leaders from governments at the provincial, municipal and district level and countenance of all walks of the society, Zhonglian Jianye Group has gown into a noted private enterprise in Shandong Province and Qingdao City. It has successively acquired ‘contract-abiding and credit-complying enterprise’, ‘company with best credit for banks’, ‘top 100 private companies’, ‘inspection-free company’, ‘scientific and technological corporate incubator in Qingdao’, ‘professional socialized platform for public services among small- and medium-sized companies based in Qingdao’, ‘industrial park for cultural innovation in Qingdao’ and other honors. Its multiple projects frequently win ‘premise with highest potentials’, ‘premise with best landscape designing’, ‘project with most comprehensives strength’ and so forth. It wins universal praise from governmental sectors at all levels as well as social approval.